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had a weird dream couple nights ago i was at ether my middle school or high school football court and by some benches where other kids and parents were sitting (i think it was a event or somthing) and my dad was there waiting for me which is notable because my dad was ushaly to busy with work to do this sort of stuff and i honestly cant tell if this is a happy dream or sad dream becuase i just remember my dad being there nothing else happend


so i got a hypnospace mega mod coming and i hope to get some other people on it but ill be fine if i dont get people to work on it with me


yo gonna start using this blog as more of a blog instead of a update listing so there will prob be another post later tonight


wow i just realised that i had over 6000 page views its crazy that people would look at my site

also check out coffeebugs new album here its totaly worth listening to


bigest change in a while disided to move the blog/page updates to their own page for simplicity


changed the music and if you notice most of the music i play on this site is from the same dude jay tholen


made text pinkish

9/23/23 i made this a day ago click for full ress


i made a new mod for hypnospace that adds hawaii part II to hypnospace with a flist page click here to go to page


new photo page


hey hypnospace fans theres this thing called neolands that i think yall should check out spread this button around aswell


new art


removed furaffinity link but you might still be able to find some other art if your smart enough

wow one year and i hardly posted anything ima try to make more stuff mods and art but cant promise


new hypnospace mod about jack stauber i will put it in the downloads in a min


i dont know when i did this exacly but i made a hypnospace mod you can download on called vaporwave stuff its just a bunch of backrounds


new vaporwave stuff


new sfm of my protogen fursona with a old internet version


OMG I CAN NOT THANK ALL YALL ENOUGH FOR 1000 VIEWS ON MY PAGE. one last thing i might add a secret area to my site that has more "personal" sfms on keep you posted


downloads is up so you can now go see my hypnospace page


art page is back i did not like the new version i made so im keeping the original


art page down for renovation


the art page is up check it out


making a sub page that will hold my art might take a wile


more art i did 3 weeks ago


reaworked the site.


some art i did a wile back